It Is Decision Time

If you want to be successful in life there are some things you must do to make that change.  Take inventory of what is on your plate, and decide if each catagory is leading you to, or away from your destiny.  List everything that you do.  Look over that list, and stop doing those things that you hate.  Ask yourself, “What is the reason for me doing this?”   It may be that you felt an obligation to get involved, but now what you are doing has become a burden.  What good is your involvement, if all you do is murmur and complain? 

Do you want to see results immediately?  Tap into that burning passion on the inside of yourself, and make a firm decision by taking action.  Once you rid yourself of all the garbage, then you are clear to focus on your strengths.  Repositioning yourself helps you feel uplifted, and full of joy.  You must have a mindset that nothing short of what I decided will do.  Many times people sell themselves short, by settling for something, and find themselves struggling all through life.

Let go of things that are hindering you, and zapping all of your energy.  Stop replaying scenes in your mind trying to figure out what could have, should have, or would have been, if you only had done something a certain way.  It is over, so discard the garbage.  Garbage can have different names such as:  fear, hopelessness, regret, sadness, anger, or pride.  Find out what is hindering you, and decide that it is decision time, and your change is now!

If you want to change, you have to have a strong burning desire to change.  Allow that burning desire to drive you forward.  Simply put, you get what you desire to have in your life.  Your decision creates a mindset, and no longer are you living in an adapted lifestyle.  Opportunities will begin to show up, because you are sending out signals.  Once you know what you want, and decide to do it, then opportunities present themselves. 

Energize your passion, by being bold and stretching beyond yourself.  Your path will open before you, and your whole attitude will become electrified.  You will begin to attract people to you, that have pieces of the puzzle to assist you along the way.  Life is so fulfilling, when you just let go, remain focused, and follow your burning desire.

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  1. LaFaith said,

    Thank You for this blog, how so true about letting go of things that are hindering you. One day I decided to write my list about things in my life that was good for me and things that were not. Well I got rid of the not so good things and today I living a whole new life. You really need to reach from within yourself to find and know who you are first. Once you have done that, your life will be so much Happier.

    Thanks Again and God Bless,

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